August 18 Birthdays

August 18th Birthdays


  1. Madelaine Petsch, TV Actress
  2. Infinite, YouTube Star
  3. LeafyIsHere, YouTube Star
  4. Maia Mitchell, TV Actress
  5. Louie Castro, YouTube Star
  6. Chad Alan, YouTube Star
  7. Andy Samberg, TV Actor
  8. Josephine Langford, Movie Actress
  9. G Dragon, Rapper
  10. Clairo, Pop Singer
  11. Patrick Swayze (1952-2009), Movie Actor
  12. Talia Castellano (1999-2013), YouTube Star
  13. Matthew Taylor, Instagram Star
  14. Noah Finnce, Instagram Star
  15. Samantha Grecchi, Dancer
  16. Parker-McKenna Posey, TV Actress
  17. Jackie Figueroa, Instagram Star
  18. Steph0Sims, YouTube Star
  19. Anna Akana, YouTube Star
  20. Max Charles, Movie Actor
  21. Christian Slater, Movie Actor
  22. Nate Hill, eSports Player
  23. Essence Nicole Smith, YouTube Star
  24. Richard Harmon, TV Actor
  25. Mitchell Crawford, TikTok Star
  26. Clementine Sleebos, YouTube Star
  27. Edward Norton, Movie Actor
  28. Louis Dunn, TV Actor
  29. Mika, Pop Singer
  30. Caleigh Hayes, TikTok Star
  31. Frances Bean Cobain, Instagram Star
  32. Piinksparkles0818, YouTube Star
  33. Roberto Clemente (1934-1972), Baseball Player
  34. Dylan Evans, YouTube Star
  35. Nick28T, Twitch Star
  36. Sin Boy, Rapper
  37. Znuie, Pop Singer
  38. Robert Redford, Movie Actor
  39. Stanley Johnson, Politician
  40. Annette Ruiz, YouTube Star
  41. Alan Poulos, YouNow Star
  42. Asian Andy, YouTube Star
  43. Murray Rundus, TV Actor
  44. Luke LaBrant, Family Member
  45. Eniko Hart, Model
  46. Kara Del Toro, Model
  47. Cassie Sharp, TikTok Star
  48. Uh.idk.uh, TikTok Star


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