August 16 Birthdays

August 16th Birthdays


  1. Sophie Michelle, YouTube Star
  2. Madonna, Pop Singer
  3. Young Thug, Rapper
  4. Steve Carell, TV Actor
  5. Cameron Monaghan, TV Actor
  6. The Kid Laroi, Rapper
  7. Katie Feeney, TikTok Star
  8. Felicite Tomlinson (2000-2019), Instagram Star
  9. Evanna Lynch, Movie Actress
  10. Greyson Chance, Pop Singer
  11. Piper Curda, TV Actress
  12. Jazmine Lucero, YouTube Star
  13. Arden Cho, TV Actress
  14. Rebeca Martínez, Instagram Star
  15. Josh Bogert, TV Actor
  16. Michael Hogman, YouTube Star
  17. Candy Aguilar, YouTube Star
  18. Angela Bassett, Movie Actress
  19. Alyssa Trask, Dancer
  20. Skylar Dunn, TV Actress
  21. Jase Robertson, Reality Star
  22. Jack Met, Guitarist
  23. Tana Ramsay, Non-Fiction Author
  24. James Cameron, Director
  25. James Filon, YouTube Star
  26. Neil Shibata, TikTok Star
  27. ASMRTheChew, YouTube Star
  28. Tilly Keeper, Soap Opera Actress
  29. Tori Brixx, Instagram Star
  30. Carey Price, Hockey Player
  31. Saif Ali Khan, Movie Actor
  32. Babrina Nicole Stewart, Pop Singer
  33. Grasyn Hull, TikTok Star
  34. Ann Reardon, YouTube Star
  35. Vanessa Carlton,Pop Singer
  36. Colin Cassady, Wrestler
  37. Rumer Willis, Movie Actress
  38. Sutton Nguyen, YouTube Star
  39. Princess D, Dancer
  40. Alex Freedman, TikTok Star
  41. Kelsey Darragh, YouTube Star
  42. Okieriete Onaodowan, Stage Actor
  43. Luca Padovan, Stage Actor
  44. SpyCakes, YouTube Star
  45. Tamer Hosny, World Music Singer
  46. Taika Waititi, Director
  47. Tesiree Mitchell, Pop Singer
  48. Todd Haberkorn, Voice Actor


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