April 4 Birthdays

April 4th Birthdays

  1. Hayden Summerall, Pop Singer
  2. Ondreaz Lopez, TikTok Star
  3. Hali’a Beamer, TikTok Star
  4. Lauren Kettering, TikTok Star
  5. Robert Downey Jr., Movie Actor
  6. Austin Mahone, Pop Singer
  7. Ricky Dillon, YouTube Star
  8. Jamie Lynn Spears, TV Actress
  9. Manny Gutierrez, YouTube Star
  10. Heath Ledger (1979-2008), Movie Actor
  11. Vitalyyboo, Instagram Star
  12. Havanna Winter, Instagram Star
  13. Todrick Hall, Pop Singer
  14. Lisa Schwartz, YouTube Star
  15. Maya Angelou (1928-2014), Poet
  16. Daniel Lara, Instagram Star
  17. Elliott Brown, Football Player
  18. Jessica Serfaty, Model
  19. Chino Alpha Wolf, YouTube Star
  20. Chris O’Neal, TV Actor
  21. Yung Bleu, Rapper
  22. Stephen Mulhern, TV Show Host
  23. Graham Norton, TV Show Host
  24. James Roday, TV Actor
  25. David Blaine, Magician
  26. Eric Andre, TV Actor
  27. Khadi Don, Instagram Star
  28. Gus De St. Jeor, Instagram Star
  29. Jill Scott, R&B Singer
  30. Jen Ruggirello, YouTube Star
  31. Cole Rivers, Instagram Star
  32. Alex Parsa, TikTok Star
  33. Natasha Lyonne, Movie Actress
  34. Alexa Nikolas, TV Actress
  35. Daisy Jelley, TikTok Star
  36. Lisa Ray, Model
  37. Grumpy Cat (2012-2019), Cat
  38. Meia Um, YouTube Star
  39. Oscar Ramsay,Family Member
  40. David Cross, TV Actor
  41. Abra Cadabra, Rapper
  42. The Living Tombstone, YouTube Star
  43. Janni Deler, Blogger
  44. Vishnu Isles, TikTok Star
  45. Kelly Price, Soul Singer
  46. Jack Way, Instagram Star
  47. Sam Frost, Radio Host
  48. Alex Alvarez, YouTube Star

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