April 26 Birthdays

April 26th Birthdays

  1.  Channing Tatum, Movie Actor
  2. Anna McNulty, YouTube Star
  3. Melania Trump, Political Wife
  4. Jason Earles, TV Actor
  5. Paige Niemann, TikTok Star
  6. Kane, Wrestler
  7. Ryan Cummings, Cheerleader
  8. Daniel Padilla, TV Actor
  9. Jon Cozart, YouTube Star
  10. Kevin James, Movie Actor
  11. Scott Timlin, Reality Star
  12. Aaron Judge, Baseball Player
  13. Payton Yeager, YouTube Star
  14. Marko Terzo, YouTube Star
  15. Gardianhasani, TikTok Star
  16. Dylynn Jones, Dancer
  17. BambinoBecky, YouTube Star
  18. Keara Graves, TV Actress
  19. Carol Burnett, TV Show Host
  20. Jet Li, Movie Actor
  21. Taurtis, YouTube Star
  22. Simply Liv, YouTube Star
  23. Sam Hurley, Twitter Star
  24. Valerio Mazzei, Instagram Star
  25. Tom Welling, TV Actor
  26. Jordana Brewster, Movie Actress
  27. Sundy Jules, YouTube Star
  28. Stana Katic, TV Actress
  29. James Zamarripa, TikTok Star
  30. Lionel Ferro, TV Actor
  31. Kelsey Lynn Cook, Dancer
  32. Lushaflor, YouTube Star
  33. Avant, R&B Singer
  34. London Shumway,YouTube Star
  35. Matte Martinez, Pop Singer
  36. Jessica Lee Rose, TV Actress
  37. Tionne Watkins, Rapper
  38. Sterling Griffith, Movie Actress
  39. Jade Cloud, Dancer
  40. Daesung, Pop Singer
  41. Alex Fitzalan, TV Actor
  42. Adil Ray, TV Actor
  43. Evelina Barry, YouTube Star
  44. Riley Voelkel, TV Actress
  45. Brandon Mandara, TikTok Star
  46. Joey Jordison, Drummer
  47. Megan Thomas, TV Show Host
  48. Baby M, Pop Singer

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